Pause and Smell the Roses

Busy? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Wondering if this crazy roller coaster ride is ever going to slow down?

YES, it can!

If you choose to PAUSE and smell the flowers…something that seems and feels counter intuitive for so many of us ladies on the go. 

“But Bita, if I pause, it’s going to slow me down! I’m going to lose my momentum and not get everything done.” (Is this what you’re thinking?)

From my years of experience working with clients, this just isn’t the case. In reality, you’ll become more efficient and reduce the percentage of mistakes or regrets in your life and career.

When you PAUSE, it helps you calm down and feel less stressed and wired. Our greatest regrets and mistakes are usually when we are overwhelmed, because we are REACTING, instead of RESPONDING.

What would it look like to pause for just a few minutes today?

It doesn’t have to be an all-day-long thing…just something you are beginning to introduce in your daily life. It’s an opportunity to pause for a few minutes…to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life. It’s in this pause that you are able to see more clearly and then be more efficient and effective, because you are recharged instead of depleted and stressed. 

When you hear “pause and smell the roses”, what do you think?

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Dr. Bita Yadidi

Doctor of Eastern Medicine