Listen to Your Body

Hey, I’m back! Being off social media for almost a month was quite a test, but it gave me insight into how I use my time and energy on the Internet…and how it impacts my emotions. Am I the only one who has a love/hate relationship with all this? 

Mind if I share some of what I learned over the past month?

To avoid the temptation, I deleted Instagram and Facebook from my phone, and I immediately started experiencing withdrawals. To be honest, I missed social media a lot! There were times I felt disconnected…like I was missing out on life…but I also experienced so much growth and insight.  

With the stay-at-home order due to the pandemic, I’ve seriously missed travel, restaurant outings, hot yoga, movies, and concerts – along with all the face-to-face interactions that come with all these things I’ve grown accustomed to. It only seems natural to be scrolling the Internet more than usual with all this extra time on our hands, right?!?!?! 

Well, believe it or not, I thought I was on social media JUST for my work. The reality is that I ended up scrolling and scrolling…completely losing track of time as I checked out other people’s stories and profiles. 

The Effect

At that time, I thought I was tired, because I was working so much. In reality, all that scrolling was zapping my energy, or as I call it, leaking Qi. I was having trouble going to sleep, starting to compare myself to others, judging people I don’t even know, and starting to feel like I’m not doing enough or being enough. Most of all, I was being distracted and losing my focus and joy.  

The Truth

All that screen time was exhausting, and subtle thoughts racing through my mind weren’t serving me. All the accompanying emotions started to weigh me down. Blah!

It wasn’t until I started to withdraw from social media that I realized the degree to which this was impacting me. The truth is, I love my work! It’s my purpose and passion, and it feeds me. When I help women with their health, wellness, and mindset, I actually have a lift in energy…not a depletion.  

The Wisdom

I want to encourage you to take inventory of where and how you are using your energy. How are you spending your time? Is there anything you might be doing that’s causing you to experience “leaking Qi?”  Write it down. Don’t try to figure it all in your head. Then, make the necessary changes, and pay attention to your energy and mental state. 

Listen to your body…it’s always talking to you. 

I wasn’t sure why I was feeling so depleted, but I did know I needed to take a pause from social media. So, I trusted and didn’t question. 

I’m so grateful I listened to the subtle voice in my being, and I chose not to be attached to any outcome. I was comfortable with the “not knowing.” I received so much insight about myself and grew tremendously during this process. 

Now I know what does and does not serve me. I realized being away from sharing, helping, and serving others is not healthy for me. It’s the thing that feeds my soul…even though it does take hard work, discipline, and focus. Sometimes, we all just need a breather to discover where we’re leaking Qi.

I’m glad to be back! I missed you all.

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Dr. Bita Yadidi

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