My Failed Attempt to Increase Energy

By the middle of today, would you like to have a little bit more energy? Or, should I say…A LOT MORE ENERGY? 

My guess is you’re nodding your head and saying “yes” to both. I get you, darling. The struggle is REAL, and it’s NOT FUN, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Over 10 years ago, I really struggled with long-term energy. I was tired ALL THE TIME, and I had such a difficult time waking up in the mornings. Ironically, I also had a hard time getting a good night’s rest. Feeling weighed down, foggy headed, difficulty focusing and concentrating, and no patience for anything or anyone. I developed an attitude of simply,  “I don’t even care.” Sad but true. 

All I cared about was my next nap!

Honestly, every day felt like I was climbing Mt Everest. Every single task was a HUGE EFFORT. Even the small stuff was just too hard for me. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, because I kept asking myself, “How am I going to complete everything on my to-do list when I have NO FUEL?” Completing half of my to-do list was cause for a major celebration.

I couldn’t go on like this. I had major responsibilities and couldn’t waste more time laying on the couch.

First, I made sure nothing was actually wrong with me. I went to the doctor, and he took blood, stool, and saliva tests. The whole works. RESULTS: I was perfect. He said that I had a lot on my plate, and that’s probably why I was feeling so tired. “No need to be worried,” he said. He recommended vitamin drips for an extra boost of energy and a handful of supplements. I was just glad to hear that I wasn’t dying!


After I left the doctor’s office, I started trying what everyone around me was doing…

  • I started every morning with coffee.
  • I would grab an energy bar or a chocolate muffin or multigrain scone.
  • I went for a second cup of coffee by mid-day or late afternoon, so I could get through the day.
  • I enrolled in HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) thinking the more intense I exercise – the more energy I will generate.
  • I ate handful of chocolates, and my favorite was chocolate-covered coffee beans throughout the day and night.
  • I made sure to have at least 2-3 meals a day and healthy snacks in between.
  • I took a cat nap when possible (usually when waiting for my kids to come out to the car after school).
  • Oh and let’s not forget the vitamin B12 injections and the weekly vitamin push called the Myer’s cocktail.

You’re probably wondering, “How did you feel?” The truth is that I got a boost of energy, BUT ONLY FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.


After a few months, nothing was working anymore, and I found myself more tired, more sluggish, more foggy headed, more irritable, and more anxious.

I even FAILED my GRAD exam! 

Unheard of! Me? Fail? Obviously, I didn’t have the mental clarity or sharpness anymore. You’d think all that coffee and chocolate would give me the ENERGY I needed to get through a grad exam and pass! WRONG!

After dedicating 5 years to school and raising a family, there was no room for another error. I needed to pass the grad exam ASAP so I could qualify to take my state boards and officially be a California state board Licensed Acupuncturist. I was not going to FAIL again. 

I had to CHANGE what I was doing. You know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Thankfully, I wasn’t insane this time around (haha) and decided to make some radical changes in my daily habits. With those changes, I passed my grad exam with flying colors. 

Want to know exactly what I did to create long-term energy in my life?

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